This makes me feel good!


Today I would like to introduce the topic of my next articles: well-being.

It would be great to know exactly what we need to be in a state of physical and psychological well-being, but often it is a life-long search, because we are ever-changing beings.

There is a lot of talking about meditation and relaxing techniques and I must confess that I am a big fan of these. Every time I’ve come across this kind of information I have always gone deeper to see if it was something right for me.

In the next articles, I will talk about this topic and how to find the space for these activities and techniques in our everyday life (do you remember the 10 minutes?).

In the last few years, I got very interested in three activities: relaxation through muscles movements, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Tai-chi.

In the first one, you achieve a very deep state of relaxation through muscles tension and release. It is not a very well-known technique and, even though it is easy to master it, it is better to attend a class.

EFT is widespread and the basic technique is explained very clearly in many videos you can find on YouTube. I personally follow Nick Ortner’s The Tapping Solution.

I also practice TAI CHI.

So in the next articles I will talk about Tai-chi and Eft.

They both have a connection with the Traditional Chinese Medicine. This connection is direct for Tai chi, while Eft has been inspired by it.

One of the basic concepts of the Chinese Medicine is the energy called “Chi” or “Qi” that flows through a net of meridians, the energetic channels.

On these meridians, there are many points that can be stimulated to balance the energy flow. To do this you can use for example acupuncture or pressure.

As for all topics I have written about, I will talk about these, because they are part of my life and make me feel well. Through my words, I try to encourage and inspire you, in this case to find your source of well-being without prejudices.

A martial art and an energetic technique? If they work for me what’s wrong with it?

I give this explanation, because I think that it is not right to give ourselves any kind of limits.

For instance, you know I love reading and I read anything.

At the seaside, I also happen to read gossip magazines and maybe in my bag I have Joyce’s Ulysses. What’s wrong with it? One makes me laugh, the other…well I still don’t know how Ulysses makes me feel, but this is another story… Anyway, they are both entertaining for me.

I hope I have intrigued you!

See you soon!

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