Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe and having fun

A few nights ago, I went to a concert that was not serious at all. It was kitsch, noisy, self-celebrating, and I had a great time.

It looked like a circus, an amusement park, with fireworks, a roller coaster, Frankenstein, dancers …

I do not care the criticism I heard from several people on the age of the musicians and that it’s about time they retire. It was fun and I would not have missed it for the world.

Sometimes I need it: let go of everything and indulge in fun. You cannot always be serious.

Seriousness is overrated. How many times have you been told “be serious”, “take this seriously”?

What does it mean? Be responsible? You can do it with a smile. Face life as an adult? Laughing can only help.

Sometimes it’s good to do something for fun, even if it’s silly or useless.

By the way nothing is silly or useless if it makes you smile or laugh, and it’s much more useful than many serious words.

You know that there is also the Laughter Yoga? Breathing, muscles and spirit benefit from this practice. The first time I attended one of these classes, I felt a little ridiculous, but at the end the weight of the day was gone.

Fun, laughter, making faces is good!!

Think how wonderful the laughter of children is and how little it takes to trigger the greatest fun!

Get back in that mood! Try watching a funny movie and laugh out loud, don’t hold back. If someone cracks a joke that makes you laugh, show it!

As I said in another article, sooner or later life gives us something to worry or be sad about, so why not lighten up with a laugh now?

Have a funny weekend!


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