Well-being: Tai-chi and EFT

I don’t know how many times I started writing the articles on Tai-chi and EFT, how many times I corrected and deleted them.
The result of it is that after more than two weeks from the introduction “This makes me feel good!” I have not published anything on this topic yet.

This resistance of mine puzzled me and I tried to understand why. I came to the conclusion that once again my relentless, inevitable, inexhaustible desire for total freedom of choice took over.

And I believe that freedom of choice is the result of having no bias.

Constant reminders to take care of ourselves through exercise, diets and various techniques surround us and any new suggestion is supported by scientific studies.
The result is often a peak of enthusiasm bound to exhaust itself, leaving us disappointed.

What can I write to create an interest in something that I approached by chance and curiosity, not knowing anything about what was behind it?

It will be useless to list some “scientific” evidence of the effectiveness and value of these disciplines, if there is no curiosity.

Let’s talk about Tai-chi, the so-called long life exercise.

I will not try to define it according to the rules or to explain it through its history. For me Tai-chi equals softness, fluidity, beauty, pleasure to practice with a great instructor and with an interesting group of people who share this passion.

As I proceed with this exercise I also appreciate the precision of the forms and the martial-arts skills that hide behind every move. It gets better every time!

The social aspect of the group exercising together is important for me too! I practiced Pilates for years and I liked it a lot, but it was like being alone due to the lack of warmth and harmony in the group. What a shame!

In this Tai-chi group it is totally different. There is no fanatic, no know-it-all, no one judges anyone.

You know those scenes in the movies, where you see groups of people, maybe all dressed in white, who train in the parks and the sense of harmony they give?
We do not exactly look like that, but I assure you that when we start moving together at the same pace and we create a harmony of movements among us, in the silence of the gym, something magical happens!

What matters in what you choose to do is to find this feeling of joy and satisfaction.

If it just has to be an effort, your muscles will benefit from it, but not your emotions and well-being is a balance of both.

To be continued!

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