So you think you can write?

I love reading. I know you know. Since I started exploring the magical world of written words I could not stop.

I read anything: books, magazines, newspapers, labels, instructions, letters, blogs, mails…

I’ve always been fascinated by a good piece of writing. The feelings a good novel or a good article can bring up are priceless. I remember once getting goosebumps just reading an article about The Clash in the Rolling Stone magazine.

Loving this art so much, I really get disappointed when I read something and it does not match my expectations.

Unfortunately, this happens more and more lately.

Poor and empty books, articles and magazines are everywhere. And what upsets me the most is that often the authors are everywhere as well, celebrated like geniuses of the printed words.

The cultural level of the publishing industry is quickly sinking .

This damages not only the good writers and journalists, who still work with passion and attention, but also the readers, who unconsciously and gradually get used to low-quality writing and emptiness of content.

In this situation, many of us who love reading think they can also write. Hence, the incredible success of personal blogs and sites of creative writing. Some of them are really, really good and make you think that there is still hope. Others could use some editing and inspiration.

Where does my blog stand? I do not know and actually do not care. Do you know why?

Because writing in my own blog gives me the freedom to write whatever I want, whenever I want, about anything I want.

I think everyone should try it sooner or later. It is not like writing for yourself like you would a diary or dreaming about ending that novel in the drawer you are too ashamed to even talk about.

It is funny and empowering. It makes you want to explore different subjects, to challenge yourself to manifest your opinions and to discover something new about yourself.

Let’s call it blog-therapy! I highly recommend it!

Would you like to try it?


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