The judgement

We are born to be judged. She looks like dad, he looks like his mother, she’s got her grandmother’s eyes, he snores like his grandfather …

We are all annoyed by judgments but sooner or later everyone judges: elementary school children judge kindergarten children, teens judge younger kids, young adults judge teens and so on, in an endless sequence into adulthood where we find many other opportunities to point fingers and judge someone else. And don’t even get me started on the Last Judgement …

So instead of realizing, at least as adults, the richness in the experience of who is ahead of us (and not necessarily in age), we act arrogant and trample on what is offered to us, thus losing the ability to choose what we think is best. It could even be exactly the opposite, but we cannot do this if we totally ignore and reject it.

Not all of us are obliged to offer our experience to everyone, but especially in this era so strongly characterized by sharing our thoughts and opinions, why do we have to waste space and energy to insult and judge who is not where we are?

I always read with pleasure opinions and considerations of those who want to share in a polite and constructive way and sometimes I found myself exploring something I did not know.

I was never caught by an aggressive post or with insults, just like I do not listen to rude and arrogant people. Who knows, maybe they could have something to teach me too, but I’ll run this risk.

I get particularly annoyed by those people who thanks to their courage, resourcefulness and intelligence have made choices in life that have proved more than positive and, instead of offering their support and encouraging other people to do the same by telling their experience, they just belittle those trapped in a mechanism that does not allow them to see life in a different light.

It is said that what most bothers us corresponds to a trait we have, so from now on I will try to be less judgemental.

And you?


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