Anne Frank’s house

Many times in the past I dismissed the Holocaust briskly, almost tired of all this talk of Jews, extermination and concentration camps.

Even recently, talking with friends, I said that it would be better to destroy these “hideous monuments” reminding us of that period and replace them with beautiful gardens in memory of all the people who suffered there.

Now I can say that I was wrong, I was wrong big time. Anne Frank and everything that still remind us of those historical events can not be put aside or replaced by a memorial plaque or a nice garden.

We must read and “feel” that diary and then climb those steep stairs… and then those rooms … Stay there for a while, don’t walk through them carelessly and think that this is where Anne lived, in those rooms, closed and darkened every single day for two years.

Anne Frank is not only Nazism, Holocaust, Jews.

Anne Frank is a symbol of injustice, the worst injustice in the world: to hurt innocent children, who ignore and can not understand why their world suddenly disappears in an abyss called war, leaving behind only fear and despair.

Sometimes I look at myself and I realize that it is useless to deny that I’m changing. Wrinkles, signs belong to life, but mine is a life that never saw any war and today I am grateful more than ever for this, because Anne Frank and many other children like her never saw and will never see them and will never have a body that happily welcomes the passage of time and is able to grow old.

I hope I do not forget it anymore.


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