So you think you can write?

I love reading. I know you know. Since I started exploring the magical world of written words I could not stop.

I read anything: books, magazines, newspapers, labels, instructions, letters, blogs, mails…

I’ve always been fascinated by a good piece of writing. The feelings a good novel or a good article can bring up are priceless. I remember once getting goosebumps just reading an article about The Clash in the Rolling Stone magazine.

Loving this art so much, I really get disappointed when I read something and it does not match my expectations.

Unfortunately, this happens more and more lately.

Poor and empty books, articles and magazines are everywhere. And what upsets me the most is that often the authors are everywhere as well, celebrated like geniuses of the printed words.

The cultural level of the publishing industry is quickly sinking .

This damages not only the good writers and journalists, who still work with passion and attention, but also the readers, who unconsciously and gradually get used to low-quality writing and emptiness of content.

In this situation, many of us who love reading think they can also write. Hence, the incredible success of personal blogs and sites of creative writing. Some of them are really, really good and make you think that there is still hope. Others could use some editing and inspiration.

Where does my blog stand? I do not know and actually do not care. Do you know why?

Because writing in my own blog gives me the freedom to write whatever I want, whenever I want, about anything I want.

I think everyone should try it sooner or later. It is not like writing for yourself like you would a diary or dreaming about ending that novel in the drawer you are too ashamed to even talk about.

It is funny and empowering. It makes you want to explore different subjects, to challenge yourself to manifest your opinions and to discover something new about yourself.

Let’s call it blog-therapy! I highly recommend it!

Would you like to try it?

The club of women’s self-consciousness and well-being

For a long time I wanted to find a meeting place for women to discuss and share experiences. In a feminist fit a few years ago, I even baptized it “The club of women’s self-consciousness”. Too bad, I had no place I could put this sign up.

Men are fantastic, male friends useful, but when the right harmony among women happens is a priceless feeling.

Today I spent a wonderful afternoon with a new friend walking in the woods and talking about issues that I am passionate about: relationships with people, how to think freely, how to expand my horizons … do not worry, I did not see any rainbow unicorn.

However this is me, this is the dimension I love to move in. In a few days, I will go back to the city, where I miss these geographical and mental spaces, but that is fine.

I spent many years thinking that “after all everything was fine”, but it was not the same feeling I have now.

There was often that feeling of discomfort in the pit of my stomach … I tried a bit of everything to figure out what it was: check-ups, exercise, reading, relaxing, therapy, but the results were poor or short-term.

When I decided to find solutions where I was not just “the client”, but also an active part, the situation changed.

After three years of courses I got a diploma in Naturopathy, followed by certificates in Kinesiology and Ayurvedic touch. At the same time, I studied traditional Chinese medicine, Mudra, Eft tapping and I experienced all these techniques on myself.

There is so much rubbish in this field, but also many valuable techniques that can really help deal with various issues, to break up false beliefs, to relax, to support ourselves, in other words to be the leading person of our well-being.

Think about it: for example, massages are wonderful (and I get as many as I can too!), but they are an outside source of well-being. If the activation of an improvement process of our psychological and physical state can start from a few small daily actions made by us isn’t it better?

I taught women like us self-massage techniques that became an affirmation of their value and I saw mothers of children labeled as “difficult” emerge from meetings with the teachers with a happy face after only a few weeks of sessions …

No, I will not say that “I’ve seen things you people would not believe”.
Yet I believe that halfway between the doctor and the psychologist, there is a way to feel good.

The next time you happen to feel something, a discomfort, that is not really an illness, but almost, try to listen and give a chance to this approach. If you want, I am here. You can write a private message on the Facebook page of Linda Jett and I will be happy to help.

Take care of yourself; no one else in the world will ever be so close to you!

I think I forgot something…

Welcome back everybody!

I am so into all the issues we have faced so far, that I have just realized that I did not say anything about the name of my site.

Why “Stillrocking”? For me “rocking” means going ahead, wanting to do new things, not missing a beat, not losing the desire to make my voice heard.

I have come so far and sometimes it was hard, but I am so pleased. I planned and implemented projects and dreams of which I am proud, because to do so I challenged myself and all the bias and prejudices I received and that in part I had created myself.

There is a verb I like very much: break up.

Being able to break up false beliefs, prejudices, influences that have piled up for centuries in the world of women is my ambition and I am sure many of you feel my own restlessness, my own desire for freedom.

There are many women who do not want to be comfortable, but do not know how to channel all the energy they feel and are often frustrated because they do not feel understood.

I tried to find my way without knowing where to start and I finally realized that I just had to be me, the real me.

Do not feel selfish taking this road, indeed this is a brave and generous attitude. What is good about being kind and helpful to others if we do not know what drives us to do it, because we do not know ourselves? And if we cannot see the reality of things, but only false visions dictated by notions that have been imposed, how do we get to know ourselves?

I invite you to read the myth of Plato’s cave. Then, we can talk about it.

See you next time!

The journey of awareness

There’s a beautiful poem by the Indian writer Tagore, which talks about traveling in the whole world and not noticing “the drop of dew” glistening in the field in front of your house.

Do these words resonate with you?

Travelling, talking about our travels, frantically surfing the internet to find the best hotel-rate or the less expensive flight seem to be something you can’t avoid nowadays.
However, if you do not enjoy the journey and the holiday starting from the planning, they are not a pleasure anymore, but a source of stress.

When you plan a holiday, the first question should be “Do I really feel like doing this journey, visiting this place, staying away for this time length?”.

Let these questions do their work with no hurry. If the 10 minutes have become your daily habit, you already know that the right answer FOR YOU (this is a concept I will never tire of repeating) will come to you soon.

Simply waiting for the departure day should be exciting. Preparing your luggage should be fun.

Do not fool yourselves! If just thinking about anything regarding the journey makes you feel more anxiety (a little of course is ok) than happiness, sense of anticipation, curiosity, try to learn from your feelings that maybe you have loaded this holiday with too much expectation. Maybe next time you will be able to choose with more awareness.

What if the holiday has already been planned and you feel this uneasiness and you would rather lose your advance-payment and stay home?

Try to think about every single positive joyful detail. Try to visualize the place, what you will see, what you will enjoy.
Feel like you are already there. If you get in this state of mind, anxiety will disappear and you will leave feeling better.

There are wonderful places you can see all around the world, but there is also a little something we should not forget: it is  “the drop of dew” right in front of us.

It could be the quiet place, not far away from home, where we treasure fond holiday memories with our Grandparents and family.
It does not take long to get there, you do not need a big suitcase.

As time goes by, this can become a chance to look inside us, with all our senses pampered by known perfumes, noises, voices, air, memories, food, people, that become new, year after year, because we change. Do you think it is worth a try? Your choice.

If these suggestions do not give you anything new to think about, there are two possibilities: either you already master motivational/relaxing techniques (what are you doing here then? :-)) or you have already searched this field, but never tried anything, because you think that they do not work.

You know your answer. I believe that every woman, who is interested in evolving and improving her life, should be curious and willing to experiment with new approaches, so it is up to you!

Enjoy your journey!