I think I forgot something…

Welcome back everybody!

I am so into all the issues we have faced so far, that I have just realized that I did not say anything about the name of my site.

Why “Stillrocking”? For me “rocking” means going ahead, wanting to do new things, not missing a beat, not losing the desire to make my voice heard.

I have come so far and sometimes it was hard, but I am so pleased. I planned and implemented projects and dreams of which I am proud, because to do so I challenged myself and all the bias and prejudices I received and that in part I had created myself.

There is a verb I like very much: break up.

Being able to break up false beliefs, prejudices, influences that have piled up for centuries in the world of women is my ambition and I am sure many of you feel my own restlessness, my own desire for freedom.

There are many women who do not want to be comfortable, but do not know how to channel all the energy they feel and are often frustrated because they do not feel understood.

I tried to find my way without knowing where to start and I finally realized that I just had to be me, the real me.

Do not feel selfish taking this road, indeed this is a brave and generous attitude. What is good about being kind and helpful to others if we do not know what drives us to do it, because we do not know ourselves? And if we cannot see the reality of things, but only false visions dictated by notions that have been imposed, how do we get to know ourselves?

I invite you to read the myth of Plato’s cave. Then, we can talk about it.

See you next time!


This is a blog for women.
This is a blog for those who want to start a journey to the discovery of women’s dignity. Dignity… sounds like an ancient word that has lost its meaning. Yet it has always been present in my vocabulary, even though the corresponding adjective doesn’t quite match the original word.

What is dignified? A behavior, a dress style, a life style? This sounds more like appropriate, suitable, civilized. For me dignity means consciousness, strength, pride. Yet these words hardly exist in our women’s world.
We are inclined to judge ourselves, to set limits, to fight with other women or with ourselves or even worse, to try to fit into a category.

And what happens if we do not fit anywhere? I guess each one of you has her own answer to this question.

To start this journey let me introduce myself and tell you which category I fit in… no one. As a teenager this hurt a lot, no need to deny it. I looked like a good girl, yet I loved rock and metal music; I loved reading, I was shy, I was bold, a good student, but with a strong attraction for those who were not; I was stuck, I was free…

My mother would look at me puzzled and ask me “Why do you have to be so enigmatic?”.

As I grew up I had no clear ideas about what I really wanted and I thought I would be happy working in an office, where unfortunately the worst kind of chauvinism ruled, so I guessed I had to think like a man to be worthy. I tried getting satisfaction from my career, but I only got heartburn.

I always wanted to have a family and the result was that I was mobbed because of my pregnancies, even though I did not generate an entire football team.
Then I got fired and decided to have a try at being a housewife.
That’s when I discovered the magical mommies’ world.

I had never met so many personalities before, sometimes belonging to the same person! But all of them had something in common, most of the times they felt inadequate. This feeling increased every time we talked together.

After some years, I can tell you something I am sure you already know: we usually feel faulty, especially when we are under pressure, most of the time for a false ideal of perfection. We totally forget the strength, the resourceful core, the power that lie within us, just awaiting to be used.

Each one of us can find her own expression of these forces, but the only way to do it is to be free.

Freedom, feeling free from any judgement, being aware of what is right for us: these are powerful tools that we must learn to use.

My journey is a long one, but I’m going on and I wish I could share what I have experienced so far with you, with women who are willing to listen to my feelings, my thoughts, thus creating your own way of thinking, which is the only one perfect for you, in the moment you’re living, with the resources you have. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, where you live.

I want to make a difference, share my experiences, and help you become stronger. And if I succeed with just one of you, I will have won my bet.

See you soon