Insomnia and creativity

It’s night. Around 11 PM I had the terrible idea to fall asleep on the sofa watching a movie. And now I’m awake. Wide awake.

My  brain is processing thousands of thoughts and ideas. I must say, some are quite brilliant.

I realize that the times when I have the best ideas or elaborate projects that fascinate me most are always, in order:

when I’m drowsy
while I wash the dishes
on the rare occasions of insomnia.

What  have these three situations in common? I think it depends on a state of cerebral detachment created in the first case by a sort of unconsciousness, in the second by a semi-meditation  state due to the gestures and the sound and the feel of the water and in the third by the typical sensation of lack of time  you can experience at night.

I once read that people suffering from insomnia, for no apparent reason, have too much energy they do not  use during the day. It may be correct,  but I think  it is not just physical. It can be unexpressed creativity, keeping you up, trying to find its way out.

But can the lack of creative expression really affect the life of a person? I believe it can. I believe it so strongly that it was no. 1 of my list in my previous article “Good advice”.

So create, create, create! Music, movement, painting, whatever you want!

Am I saying this too much? Maybe, but it’s for a good cause: your well-being.

Finally, the second episode of “Good Advice”:

get cold showers and you will be less prone to get sick; if it helps you can yell or swear while doing it (personal experience)
try to have friends of all ages; it helps maintain good vision of the world
respect nature and animals; man is not the master of the universe.
After these words of wisdom, I thank you for reading my article and I will try to catch some sleep…