Welcome back!
I don’t know if you have noticed the background picture of the homepage. I find it beautiful.
I will not try to convince you that I took this picture, even because, if you are familiar with WordPress themes, you surely know that this is a standard picture.

Yet it seemed that it was there for me and for what I want to share with you.

Do you think this is dawn or sunset?

Either way it is a peaceful image that stirs a feeling of happy expectation in me.
I think it is dawn. You know that moment during summertime when you are already up, with your cup in your hands, enjoying the quiet in your house? That’s when I think it is.

Talking about morning feelings, I would like to introduce today’s subject.

Is there anyone out there who is able to enjoy the quiet at the beginning of the day, without stressing about something from the very early hours of the day? Come on, raise your hands!

Morning is the first moment when women, regardless of their family situation, feel responsible for the whole world’s expectations. It does not matter if we live alone, if we share the house with someone or if we have kids.
In addition, many of us do it trying to live up to all the false ideals we read about in magazines or see on television or Internet.
Perfect make-up, appropriate dress, tidied-up home, breakfast for everybody, well fed and well-dressed kids…

Now I want to ask you a question. Please think about it before giving yourselves an answer. Whose good are you doing all this for?

How many actions do we do, how many words do we speak to please the world around us, never asking ourselves what pleases us, what makes US feel good?

How many smiles do we show, how many cheap shots do we take, how many provocations do we react to without asking ourselves if this is really what we want to do?

This is a vicious cycle, that will not change if we do not interrupt it briskly. Do not ask me how. I don’t give solutions. This is a place for women who want to take charge of their lives, becoming aware of their own strength. No solution is right for everyone.

In the morning you can try to find the peacefulness of this picture. Whether it’s winter or summer, whether you live at the seaside, in the country or in a big city, whether you are alone or not, find 10 minutes just for yourselves. Make clear to everybody, yourselves included, that for 10 minutes you do not exist for anybody else.

This is your time to find inspiration, to become conscious of your value and of all the beautiful things that each human being can bring into the world if only we find the time to nourish this capability.

Find what is right for you to feel good in this moment: a book, a motivational video, breathing exercises, yoga, running, a prayer. No judgement or prejudice.

Do it every morning, do not let anyone or anything distract you. Do not give up and be honest with yourselves. 10 minutes must be 10 minutes. Do not be self-indulgent, get your soul and your will moving.

In a few days you will find yourselves realizing what is the right way for you to start the day and no one around will be able to put up any resistance, because your approach will be something born deep within yourselves and not from some theoretical advice in books or from life gurus.

Come on, this is a wonderful journey! Let’s start it!